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气候变化是否会影响到人类的营养问题?本周,哈佛公共卫生学院高级研究科学家、行星健康联盟(一个探索地球自然系统变化如何对人类造成影响的倡议)负责人Sam Myers博士将与我们一同探讨这个问题。 Dr. Myers 介绍了他的一项突破性研究,该研究检验了大气层中二氧化碳水平的增加是如何造成主要作物(如玉米、小麦和大豆)中的营养成分减少的,以及其他气候相关的变化(如生长季节提前)将如何影响人类的营养问题。 同时,Dr. Myers也谈到这些变化所带来的更广泛的社会正义方面的后果,并提出了他关于个人和社区如何可以减轻气候变化对人类营养潜在影响的建议。 收听本期完整播客: 编译:张力文 博客原文(英文)作者:Nathalie Lambrecht, Erika Shaver 图片来源:Myrabella

Webinar: What determines public budgets for agricultural growth in the developing world?

When: 26 September 2017, 11:00 AM EST
Presenter: Tewodaj Mogues, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
Why do policymakers often tend to neglect agricultural investments with proven high returns, such as agricultural R&D, while types of agricultural public spending with much more limited welfare impact, such as agricultural input subsidies, gain strong budgetary attention?

Ethiopia’s coffee farmers struggle to realize benefits from international markets

Coffee is one of the most important globally traded agricultural commodities, with consumption occurring mostly in developed countries and production in developing ones. Ethiopia is the biggest exporter of coffee in Africa,

Will sustainable land management mitigate Ethiopia’s land degradation challenges?

Over the last twenty years, the Ethiopian government and a variety of development partners have promoted sustainable land management (SLM) programs to address the threat of land degradation.

Hanoi Workshop Held on Providing Safer Pork Products in Vietnam

A two-day workshop, held 7 and 8 September, 2017, titled ‘Improving food safety along the pork value chain—lessons learned and ways forward,’ was held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

MINK: Process-based crop modeling for global food security

By Richard Robertson, IFPRI — Over the last decade, computer models of crop growth have increasingly been used to understand how climate change may affect the world's capacity to produce food. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has undertaken a major sustained effort to analyze changes in the productivity of major crops across the read more