Book: Agriculture and the rural economy in Pakistan: Issues, outlooks, and policy priorities

Historically, agriculture has been crucial to Pakistan’s economic growth and development and remains so even today. The sector employs almost half of the country’s labor force, supplies key inputs to the country’s manufacturing sector, generates a significant share of export earnings, and nourishes a rapidly growing population.

Foresight Africa viewpoint: Science and the farm

This viewpoint by PIM Director Karen Brooks was originally written as part of the Brookings Africa Growth Initiative’s Foresight Africa 2017 report. Read the full chapter on increasing employment opportunities here. Cross-posted with permission from Brookings' Africa in Focus blog. 

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News: Making Egypt’s Agriculture More Nutrition-Sensitive and Evaluating Nutritional Impact

By: Hoda El-Enbaby, Olivier Ecker and Jef Leroy  Maximizing agriculture’s contribution to improving rural household income and food security has been the main goal of many development programs and policies in developing countries for decades. More recently, interventions in agriculture have increasingly aimed at achieving additional development outcomes such as improving nutrition and health among >> Read more