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Featured Resources: Week of August 14

Breastfeeding is a critical component of infant and young child feeding, providing protection against child morbidity and associated with enhanced human capital in adulthood. Support for breastfeeding is gaining momentum across the globe as highlighted during this year’s World Breastfeeding Week, which took place August 1 – 7. The Malawi Ministry of Health encouraged breast read more

CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture Announces Inspire Challenges

Data is much more than simply information: in expert hands, it is intelligence. The rapid growth in processing power and global connectivity means we can now quickly collect, share and analyze enormous amounts of data and turn it into recommendations that can be of use to farmers and policymakers.

New study fills a knowledge gap on drivers of perceived land tenure security: Evidence from Ghana

Tenure security is believed to be critical in spurring agricultural investment and productivity. Yet what improves or impedes tenure security is still poorly understood. The new paper by Hosaena Ghebru and Isabel Lambrecht analyses the main factors associated with farmers’ perceived tenure security in Ghana.

Source: Compact2025

Featured Resources: Week of July 31

At a South-South Learning Workshop, hosted by IFPRI and Mahidol University in Bangkok on June 20-21, stakeholders discussed lessons learned from Thailand’s experience in nearly eliminating hunger and undernutrition. The meeting synopsis provides an overview of the Thai experience, and summarizes roundtable and panel discussions. Key conclusions of the workshop include the importance of country-led read more