Securing rangelands resources for pastoralists in Tanzania through joint village land use planning

Ongoing land insecurity is a structural cause of food insecurity in Tanzania, particularly for pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and small-scale crop farmers. In recent years there has been an increasing number of conflicts between these groups, many turning violent. It has been reported that in Kiteto District alone, more than 34 people were killed between 2013 and read more

Raw deal for small and marginal farmers

That the majority will get less and the minority more has become more of a rule in this part of the world. This is proved to be true in the distribution of subsidized farm inputs and disbursement of loans among farmers. The unfair distribution of subsidized farm inputs, including fertilizer, seeds, and loans is being read more

Source: Compact2025

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Mixed methods research in action: Using qualitative methods to complement quantitative approaches

Questions about the practical advantages and how-to’s of mixed-methods research are often posed by researchers who plan to collect quantitative data and are considering whether to add a qualitative component. Benefits of qualitative research stretch far beyond enhancing the interpretation of quantitative results and may even lead to greater publication and funding opportunities from richer read more