Exploring the impact of alternative investments on poverty, hunger, and the environment

By Tim Sulser —   The Global Futures and Strategic Foresight program recently released results of a study using quantitative foresight modeling to explore the impacts of alternative investments in agricultural research, resource management, and infrastructure on the CGIAR’s System Level Outcomes relating to poverty (SLO1), food and nutrition security (SLO2), and natural resources and ecosystem read more

East African Heads Laud Aflasafe

A team of African leaders from Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda under the East Africa Community (EAC) have endorsed IITA’s aflasafe—Africa’s first indigenous biocontrol product for control of aflatoxins.

Transforming the Food and Nutrition Landscape in Assam

Source: Transform Nutrition Recently, I attended a policy seminar titled ‘Transforming Food and Nutrition Landscape in Assam’ on 29th March 2017 in Guwahati, Assam. The dialogue was co-organized by the Inter-Agency Group, Assam and Coalition for Food & Nutrition Security and was attended by about 50 stakeholders comprising senior policymakers from Government of Assam and read more

Bangladesh aims to become ‘quality’ food producer

Food secretary Md Kaikobad Hossain said Thursday that Bangladesh eyes becoming from a food-sufficient country to a quality producer."Bangladesh is almost food sufficient, now our target is to achieve dependable food production with quality nutrition," he said. He revealed the vision at a workshop in the city organised by Integrated Food Policy Research Program. This read more