Call for nominations: Women Transforming India Awards 2017

NITI Aaoyg, United Nations India and MyGov are pleased to invite you to the Women Transforming India Awards 2017: Breaking the Glass Ceiling. Women Transforming India Awards are given to women who are influencing positive change and breaking glass ceilings. We are looking for achievers, inspirational women - both young and experienced - change-makers, community leaders read more

IFPRI 2017年1-3月出版物合集

2017 Global food policy report DGO, CKM, WCAO, DSGD, SAO, PHND & LAC Book [PR] Food policy in 2016-2017: Food security and nutrition in an urbanizing world DGO [PR] In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Chapter 1. Pp 6- 13 Fan, Shenggen Smallholders and urbanization: Strengthening rural-urban linkages to end hunger and malnutrition DGO [PR] read more

Malawi’s agriculture extension system at a crossroads: Two perspectives

If agriculture is the main lifeline for Malawi, then agriculture extension is the blood, the fuel for the engine.  In other words, without a functioning and adequately resourced extension system, agricultural growth has no path forward. In fact, during the extensive consultation process to develop Malawi’s first National Agriculture Policy in 2015, extension services were read more

Op-ed: Is smuggling of maize necessarily bad?

In recent days, MDF troops have been deployed to the northern border to prevent the smuggling of maize into Tanzania and Zambia.  While this action seems a natural response during a year of national food shortage, four factors should give us pause for thought.