Working Papers

Rural youth and employment in Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 98, by Emily Schmidt and Firew Bekele. Abstract: This paper examines labor diversification in Ethiopia, focusing on youth, and explores current conditions that youth face in both the agricultural and non-farm labor markets.

Agricultural prices during drought in Ethiopia: An updated assessment using national producer data (January 2014 to June 2016

ESSP Working Paper 97, by Fantu Bachewe, Feiruz Yimer, and Bart Minten . Abstract: Expanding and extending an earlier assessment (ESSP Working Paper 88, April 2016), we analyze the evolution of crop and livestock producer prices

Food processing, transformation, and job creation: The case of Ethiopia’s enjera markets

ESSP Working Paper 96, by Bart Minten, Thomas Assefa, Girum Abebe, Ermias Engida, and Seneshaw Tamru. Abstract: Given the importance of agriculture in developing economies, food processing industries often dominate the industrial sector when considering employment and value addition in these settings.

Cash crops and food security: Evidence from Ethiopian smallholder coffee producers

ESSP Working Paper 95, by Tadesse Kuma, Mekdim Dereje, Kalle Hirvonen, and Bart Minten. Abstract: One of the key questions in food policy debates in the last decades has been the role of cash cropping for achieving food security in low income countries.