2018 Global food policy report

IFPRI's flagship report reviews the major food policy issues, developments, and decisions of 2017, and highlights challenges and opportunities for 2018 at the global and regional levels. This year's report looks at the impacts of greater global integration—including the movement of goods, investment, people, and knowledge

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs Prize from Feed the Future.

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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality Africa for the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation

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WEBINAR: Big data and the global gender gap: The promises and perils of digital information

The UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development and Data-Pop Alliance are hosting a webinar session on 20 March 2018 at 04:00 PM CET. The theme of this webinar is ‘Big data and the global gender gap: The promises and perils of digital information’.   The webinar will discuss gendered data, to highlight how data can be used to promote gender equality, reduce read more

CALL FOR PAPERS: STRENGTHENING THE ROLE OF WOMEN: Obstacles and Opportunities in Rural and Agricultural Areas

STRENGTHENING THE ROLE OF WOMEN: Obstacles and Opportunities in Rural and Agricultural Areas The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) are looking for papers that cut across the fields of economics, political science and sociology on gender issues in rural and agricultural areas for the WatchLetter n°40 Deadline for submissions/summary (max. 1000 characters including Title): read more

Can WFP’s Food Assistance for Assets contribute to women’s empowerment and nutrition?

In 2017, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) published a report on a five-country study on how WFP’s Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) work can contribute to empowering women and improving their nutrition. In this blog, a Senior Consultant for WFP, Zalynn Peishi, highlights some of the study’s findings. Findings from this study will read more

How Women’s Empowerment Shapes Children’s Schooling, Nutrition

Improvements in the status of women has often been shown to have positive impacts on their children, with increased investments in schooling, nutrition, and health. Yet in order to best target policies and investments, it is important to understand the nuances in a particular context, to better target where improvements may have maximum impact.

国际妇女节: 抗击营养不良,从为女性群体赋权开始

  以“农村和城市活动改变妇女生活”为主题,IFPRI一直在探索农村女性的活动对改变世界营养和食物系统的作用。 女性群体的变革性作用正在世界范围内获得越来越多的关注。


Happy International Women's Day! IFPRI authors have recently released a new GCAN-CSISA policy note. Emerging markets for agricultural machinery services in South Asia present opportunities to start new businesses and mechanize agriculture. Yet at first glance, female participation appears extremely low. Research from GCAN, CSISA, and CSISA-MI in Bangladesh offers insights for how to build read more


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