How CGIAR improves the livelihoods of rural women

To celebrate this year's International Day of Rural Women (October 15), the CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research illustrates how gender research in agricultural and natural resource domains is contributing to improving the lives of rural women.

International Day of Rural Women: Women’s land rights need to be at heart of tenure reforms to help eradicate poverty

Why are land rights so important to rural women? Quite simply, land is the most valuable asset among many rural people and households, as land is the foundation of rural livelihoods.

An Introduction to Food Environments

What does the term food environment mean, and how can it be conceptualized, characterized, and measured in different contexts? The ANH Academy Food Environment Working Group (ANH-FEWG) has produced a short animation which answers some of these questions and condenses the key elements of their recently published technical brief, 'Concepts and methods for food environment read more

WEB RESOURCE: Land Rights Teaching Materials from Landesa

Landesa is pleased to share a new resource on land rights in the context of business and human rights. The Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights (LCWLR) and Landesa’s Corporate Engagement staff recently co-produced a Land Rights Teaching Note and Teaching Resources as part of the Teaching Business and Human Rights Handbook ( and Forum read more

দেশে চাল উৎপাদন তিনগুণ বেড়েছে, বিশ্বে এখন চতুর্থ

বাংলাদেশ বিশ্বের ৪র্থ চাল উৎপাদনকারী দেশ। স্বাধীনতার পর দেশে যে পরিমাণ চাল উৎপাদন হতো, এখন তার চেয়ে তিনগুণ বেশি। আবার মোট উৎপাদিত চালের ৫৫ ভাগই আসে বোরো ধান থেকে। বাকিটা আসে আউশ ও আমন থেকে। বিশ্বে বাংলাদেশই একমাত্র দেশ যেখানে এক বছরে একই জমিতে তিনবার ধান উৎপাদন করা সম্ভব। এই চালই দারিদ্র্য নিরসনে বড় ধরনের read more

Rural mothers, gender equity, and scaling up biofortification

In the western Ugandan district Kakumiro, Nakijoba Anet Wadega teaches other mothers about preparing nutritious and balanced meals, proper hygiene behaviors, and growing biofortified crops like orange sweet potatoes (OSP), which are rich in nutrients their children need. She is part of the Lead Mother initiative, one of the many ways HarvestPlus, the global leader read more


来自中国农科院农业信息研究所、农业经济与发展研究所、农业环境与可持续发展研究所以及Biodiversity International的12位专家学者参加了这次培训。他们参加培训的目的一方面是学习如何应用全球模型去研究各种农业经济问题,另一方面是学习IMPACT模型的建模思路和先进的技术方法。

Complementarities between social protection and health care policies: Evidence from the Productive Safety Net Program in Ethiopia

A presentation on  "Complementarities between social protection and health care policies: Evidence from the Productive Safety Net Program in Ethiopia" was given by Kalle Hirvonen

EVENT: Brown Bag Lunch on Women’s Land Rights at the World Bank on October 25

The Agriculture Global Practice, the Land Thematic Group and the Gender and Rural Development Community of Practice (GENRD) invite you to join us for a presentation and discussion of IFPRI’s work on Women’s land rights as a pathway to poverty reduction: A framework and review of available evidence by Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Agnes Quisumbing, Cheryl R. Doss, and Sophie read more


气候变化是否会影响到人类的营养问题?本周,哈佛公共卫生学院高级研究科学家、行星健康联盟(一个探索地球自然系统变化如何对人类造成影响的倡议)负责人Sam Myers博士将与我们一同探讨这个问题。