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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Programme Specialist for Women’s Economic Empowerment, UN Women

Provide program development advisory services related to women’s economic empowerment (WEE); manage the implementation of the WEE program portfolio; oversee technical assistance and capacity development to partners working in area of WEE; manage the monitoring and reporting of the program; build partnerships and support in developing resource mobilization strategies. Applications due June 1, 2018. Click read more

Do men and women benefit equally from technology adoption? New paper explores

Researchers have sought to understand what keeps women’s observed rates of agricultural technology adoption low. But what happens after a new technology is adopted by a household? Do women’s lives really become better? Are they more empowered? A new paper explores these questions using the example of adopting small-scale irrigation technologies in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Tanzania.

Les partenaires de la série RSD se penchent sur la question de l’Agro-industrialisation au Sénégal

Le 09 Mai 2018, la deuxième Rencontre Stratégie et Développement RSD, s’est déroulée à l'hôtel Djoloff de Fann Hock initiée par IFPRI et ses partenaires techniques nationaux. Les Rencontres Stratégie et Développent (RSD)

Driving the future today: African policies that are promoting change

African Union led initiatives have been shaping policy debates and driving research agendas towards the transformation of African agriculture for the last two decades. Continent-wide policies have set a clear vision for African agriculture and now the frontrunners are being recognised.